Call for Contributions (CforC)

CforC “The Port-Cluster Landscape: New Words, New Maps, New Strategies”. Out on May, 29th! Deadline for Abstracts July, 3rd !


The PULSE Call for Contributions – CfC aims to address the emergencies outlined above by studying the Port-Cluster Landscape – i.e., the spatial product of Port Clusterisation – in order to provide a spatial framework for the phenomenon and to develop a planning approach to port clusters.

Main goal of this CforC, as well as PULSE research, is the study of formal and compositional aspects of ports as infrastructures and of port clusters as exceptional spatial formations. The form (or rather the forms) of contemporary ports, products of radical processes of production, trade and logistics, is the subject of study by research and the subject of design by practice. This goal is crucial as it contributes to claiming the design of port infrastructure, as well as the equipment and extended landscapes that constitute it, in the field of architecture. Moreover, an examination of the spatial footprint of port clusters will allow research to move beyond its state-of-the-art by targeting a phenomenon that, though pivotal and ongoing, is under-researched.

The CfC intends to collect unpublished scientific texts and/or completed or ongoing project experiences and practices, capable of proposing new lexical categories, new ways of mapping and unprecedented project strategies in the field of architecture and urban-territorial design.
Albeit with different aims and approaches, new lexical categories, cartographic representations and strategic tactics could be indispensable tools for the reconceptualization of complex spatial forms, such as “conurbations,” “city-regions,” “urban regions,” “metropolitan regions,” and “global city-regions”, which have more and even more to do with the project of port-city regions and clusters.

By 3rd July 2023, contributions in the form of short abstracts are accepted from PhD students, researchers, scholars, professors and professionals in the field of urban and architectural design, as well as in spatial disciplines and regional, economic, social and anthropological sciences. Proposed contributions will have to address at least one of the research fields illustrated below.

New Words 
Investigation and recording of new terminologies and vocabularies to acknowledge and study the extended and highly technological spaces related to port cities, port regions and land-sea spaces.

New Maps
Development and representation of maps and visual images as spatial analysis tools to describe and interpret configurations and evolutions of complex territories in urban-port regions.

New Strategies
Formulation and application of a catalogue of spatial and design development actions of port clusters and/or extended and complex territories of urban-port regions, through the illustration of outstanding case studies.

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