Co-design & Co-creation Events (Co-DesCr)

Within the framework of WP6 - Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation activities included in PULSE’s transfer of knowledge, the Co-design & Co-creation Events are combined dissemination and communication activities in the form of three scientific events.

The Co-design & co-creation Events (Co-DesCr) are the Dissemination-Communication combined activity  planned within the framework of WP6 - Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation. The Co-DesCr will take the form of three Scientific Events, each lasting two days, which will be held at the Department Architecture and Design of UniGe, in continuity with each other over a one-year period. Each event will be attended by experts, both academic and non-academic, and by participants who enroll through a Call for Contributions (CforC), titled “The Port-Cluster Landscape: New Words, New Maps, New Strategies”. Initial registration implies participation in all three events to ensure the comprehensiveness of the work.

The Co-design & co-creation Events (Co-DesCr) will be spread into two days of work in which three main activities will alternate: Key-note Lectures by guest experts on the topic and expert scholars belonging to the Host Institution; Talks by the CforC participants, autonomous digital presentation about the progress of their proposal for the CforC; Pulse Progress presentation by the Principal Investigator.

During the Co-DesCr events, organised at regular intervals of 5/6 months, participants will discuss their contribution – in forms of scientific abstract/papers – by showing, at each step, their advancements.
In line with the objectives of the European Green Deal to minimise the environmental impact of their research activities, the second Co- DesCr event (February 2024) will be held in a hybrid mode, partly in person at UniGe-DAD and partly online on a dedicated virtual platform. It is the intention of the Host Institution
and the Principal Investigator to conduct the other two events in person (September 2023 and July 2024) in person; any specific needs or changes in the way the events are held will be communicated in due course.

An introductory structure of the presentation methodology is outlined below:

FIRST EVENT “KICK-OFF” - “Investigating & Recording the Port-Cluster Landscape: Call for Words (CforW)” – (when: 14th -15th September, 2023) - DAD, UniGe
Illustration of the abstract through a 10-minute on-screen presentation - IN-PERSON;

SECOND EVENT “INTERIM” - “Representing& Crossing the Port-Cluster Landscape: Workshops Maps (WsMs)” – (when: 15th April 2024) - Webinar LIVE
Illustration of the first version of the full paper through a 15-minute on-screen presentation - WEBINAR LIVE;

THIRD EVENT “FINAL” - “Formulating & Processing the Port-Cluster Landscape: Strategies Brainstorming (StrBr)” – (when: October 2024) - DAD, UniGe
Illustration of the full paper through a 20-minute on-screen presentation - foreseen IN-PERSON.

At each Co-design & co-creation Event, participants will present their own contribution and, progressively, their advancements in the form of video presentations and short abstracts. All contributions, in their final form of written essays with images, will be published in the PULSE scientific monograph, expected in late 2025.

The CforC is edited by the Principal Investigator with the sharing and support of the expert members of the CforC Scientific Advisory Board – SAB.


Last update 13 February 2024