Conference Participation (CPa)

6th International Conference of Contemporary Affairs in Architecture and Urbanism - ICCAUA2023

Alanya Hamdullah Emin Paşa University, Istanbul (TR)
Chairman of the Conference: Dr. Hourakhsh A. Nia, AHEP University, Alanya, Antalya (TR)
Special Session: "Coastal and Maritime Spaces", proposed by The University IUAV, Venice (IT)
Chairs: Paolo De Martino and Fabio Carella (University of Venice - IUAV, IT)
Istanbul (TR) | June 14th-15th, 2023

"Technical Land-Sea Spaces: Impacts of the Port Clusterization Phenomenon on coasts, cities and architectures"
Beatrice Moretti lectures on the phenomenon of spatial stretching that is imposing a profound evolution, both formal and institutional, in the sphere of contemporary port cities and regions, by giving first insights about the research methodology oriented in this phase to the definition of a indicator systems of the cluster dimension. The presentation questions the spatial impacts introduced by port clusters in the field of architectural design.

Beatrice Moretti’s presentation and article were awarded within the List of Awarded “Outstanding Article Presentations”, selected by the Organization Committee of the ICCAUA2023 Conference.


X Forum ProArch "Le parole e le forme"

Scientific Society of Italian University Professors in Architectural and Urban Design (ICAR/14, 15, 16)
University of Genoa, Department Architecture and Design - DAD (IT)
Thematic Session: "Parole (Words) 1.3 Ricerca (Research)"
Genoa (IT) | November 16th-18th, 2023

Beatrice Moretti takes part in the Tenth ProArch Forum entitled "Le parole e le forme". ProArch is the Scientific Society of Italian University Professors in Architectural and Urban Design (ICAR/14, 15, 16) and organises a national conference each year. Beatrice Moretti contributes to the Call for Abstracts, expired on 31 July 2023, in the "Parole (Words)" section by proposing a review of the term "cluster" applied to spatial disciplines in the port and coastal context.


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